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    XR BRANDS   Pleather Pleasure Mini Flogger (Color: Black) 
Get a handful of pleasure and pain with this pint sized hand flogger. The man made leather is soft and textured for realism. The spiral wrapped handle has two silver studs and is topped with a wrist loop, and the friendly price point makes it a great beginner toy. Measurements: 13.5 inches in total length, falls measure 9.5 inches in length Material: PU leather, metal Color: BlackBrand: Strict LeatherManufacturer: XR BrandsPackaging: Vacuum Sealed more >>>
    XR BRANDS   Wood Handle Flogger (Color: Black) 
This supremely light flogger features a wooden handle with six bulbs to keep a comfortable grip while you play with your partner. With a flick of your wrist, send these 19 inch falls at their supple flesh to create a sting and leave your mark. A strap at the end of the handle allows you to secure the flogger around your wrist while you play, or hang it for storage when you are done. Measurements: 25 inches in total length, 19 inch falls, 6 inch handle Material: PU leather, Wood Color: BlackBran... more >>>
    XR BRANDS   Platinum Bound Flogged Embossed Metallic Flogger (Color: Grey) 
This platinum-handled flogger is made of man-made materials, accented with silver for a stunning display. The stiff tails provide an intense sting upon impact, with an embossed diamond-pattern handle that will shine with every swing. The looped handle is ideal while in use or for storage and hanging. Measurements: 15 inches in length Material: Vinyl, leatherette Color: SilverBrand: Master SeriesManufacturer: XR BrandsPackaging: Retail Packaging more >>>
    XR BRANDS   Crimson Tied Embossed Flogger (Color: Red) 
This stylish flogger features an embossed red and black vinyl handle, with a multitude of sensation arousing tassels. The faux leather falls provide a nice impact with just a hint of sting, while the wrist strap keeps everything in your control. Measurements: 15 inches in length, 1 inch in diameter Material: Vinyl, faux leather Color: RedBrand: Master SeriesManufacturer: XR BrandsPackaging: Retail Packaging more >>>
    XR BRANDS   8 Tail Braided Flogger (Color: Black) 
Make an impact in your next play session! Your partner who loves a little pain with their pleasure will love the sting of this flogger each time it lands on their tender flesh. Take a firm grip on the thick, woven handle and swing the eight long tails with carefully measured strength. How much can your plaything handle? When the ends meet their target, you will be rewarded with squeals of anguished delight. A loophole allows you to secure the flogger around your wrist during use and store it co... more >>>
    XR BRANDS   Leather Cord Flogger (Color: Black) 
The treated leather tails of this demure flogger are extra slim, for a slight bit of stiffness with a sharp sting that is sure to get their attention. Each cord is treated to ensure the ends stay nice and crisp, with no fraying. The handle is wrapped in soft lamb leather, to ensure a good grip that will help you get the most out of every swing. Topped with a D-ring for easy hanging and storage. Measurements: 28 inches in total length, tails measure 19 inches in length Material: Leather Color: B... more >>>
    XR BRANDS   Punish Me Silicone Flogger (Color: Black) 
This flirty silicone flogger is perfect for that naughty person in your life! The non-intimidating handle displays a beautiful oval pattern and is soft to the touch for comfort and grip. Its charming heard shaped end has a hole in the middle for easy hanging. With tassels just over 12 inches in length, you will have plenty of reach to administer a pleasurable sting with the many thin silicone tails. This playful flogger offers up a nice treat for hours of tingly fun! Measurements: 19.25 inches ... more >>>
    XR BRANDS   Gunmetal Chain Flogger (Color: Black) 
This flogger has tails that are made from gun metal gray chain, designed to leave an intense sting upon impact. The heavy weight and metal links are perfect for those who crave more sensation in their sessions. The leather wrapped handle is topped with a looped leather strap, and the tails are firmly anchored in place to withstand some truly rough play. Each tail ends in a smooth link, so there are no sharp edges to cut the skin. Measurements: 20 inches in total length, tails measure 13.5 inche... more >>>
    XR BRANDS   Red Leopard 6 Piece Bondage Set (Color: Red) 
Begin your adventures into bondage with this attractive kit that has it all! You will have everything you need to restrain your lover and do the dirty things you have both been craving. Muffle their delicious noises with a breathable ball gag that allows them comfort while silencing speech. Deprive them of sight when you pull this soft, velvet-lined blindfold over their eyes, enhancing over sensation to their body and creating a mystery with each touch. Bind their wrists with a secure set of cu... more >>>
    XR BRANDS   Hog Tie Bondage Kit with Sensation Toys (Color: Black) 
Four cuffs, a hot tie connector, and two intense pleasure tools make this kit a steamy way to spice up your bedroom play, whether you like it naughty or nice. The feather tickler provides delicate and delightful sensations as it glides across the skin, while the mini hand flogger provides a little bite as it impacts. The cuffs are comfortable and adjustable, with a sturdy design and Velcro closure. Measurements: Each cuff measures 13.5 inches in length, and 2 inches in width. Center hub measure... more >>>
    XR BRANDS   Auto Flogger Whip Attachment for Drills (Color: Brown) 
This flogger attachment provides non-stop impact when attached to a standard drill. Each of the 16 strand wills slap at your desired body part as the drill spins at whatever speed you desire. The metal rod easily inserts into most chucks, providing you with endless pain and pleasure without the labor of swinging a flogger. This attachment is also great for virtual domination, so that the Dom can ensure that their sub is getting what they deserve!Measurements: Each individual strand is 7.75 inch... more >>>
    XR BRANDS   Heavy Duty Silicone Flogger (Color: Red) 
This fierce silicone flogger has 4 thick tails which will provide a heavy thud and intense sensation with every swing. The leather wrapped handle is patterned in red and black, accenting the gleaming black rubber. Flexible yet firm, rubber makes an ideal impact material, due to its fluid-resistant nature and unique feel. Whether you choose a gentle tap that will just brush lightly across their flesh, or an extreme swing that will leave them with raised welts, this simple yet extremely satisfyin... more >>>
    XR BRANDS   Strict Leather Palm Flogger (Color: Black) 
Palm floggers are ideal for when a long handle will just get in the way. This medium intensity flogger is made of a high quality leather with a nice grain. The handle is wrapped, and fits neatly into the palm of your hand, with a braided leather wrist loop. The flat tipped falls are soft, flexible, and give a good thud upon impact. Perfect for tight spaces, between the legs, or more up close and personal play. This fine quality flogger is sure to give you years and years of excellent performanc... more >>>
    XR BRANDS   Black and Blue Suede Flogger (Color: Blue) 
Beat them black and blue with this high quality suede flogger! The soft, flexible falls alternate in color, and are flat-tipped. The handle is woven in a herringbone pattern, for a sturdy grip and attractive look. The braided wrist loop completes the piece, for an overall stunning look and feel. Measurements: Falls measure 18 inches in length Material: Suede leather Color: BlueBrand: Strict LeatherManufacturer: XR BrandsPackaging: Vacuum Sealed more >>>
    XR BRANDS   Rainbow Lambskin Leather Flogger (Color: Black) 
Let your colors fly with this multi-hued impact device! The high quality leather has brightly colored rainbow foil backing over black leather, for a stunning look and an even better feel. The leather is made of lambskin for a soft, luxurious, and flexible feel. Measurements: Falls measure 20 inches in length Material: Lambskin leather Color: BlackBrand: Strict LeatherManufacturer: XR BrandsPackaging: Vacuum Sealed more >>>
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Friday 24 May, 2019
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