5 Temptations Couples Face during Long Engagements

Make sure you read to the end. A FREE engagement gift awaits below.Congratulations! Your pre-engagement season is over. As you now journey through this next part of the journey toward marriage, there are several things I encourage you not to be so quick to look past as you desire to honor the Lord in your relationship. As my wife and I have mentored couples who have also been in your shoes, there is one thing we warn them to be cautious of: long engagements. You see, after you get engaged, no matter if you take a couple of weeks or days we highly encourage you to set a date. Why is this important? In setting a date, you now have a goal to start creating a vision for your wedding and also your marriage.Oftentimes when couples do not take our advice and set a date, there is a sense of uncertainty in their relationship and even confusion. With this being said, it is my hope to help you avoid the five common temptations I see couples struggle with that come with long engagements.Photo Credit: © Getty Images/dragana991