6 Ways Pride May Be Ruining Your Life

When we think of sin, certain things immediately come to mind. From stealing to murder or witchcraft, many believe that these actions shouldn’t be associated with those who claim to follow Christ. Yet, there are other sins that tend to go unaddressed but have serious consequences. The sin of pride is one that can derail our lives before we even realize it is a struggle. Pride can be the culprit behind many actions from having a lack of compassion, to being abusive to others, to the destruction of ministries. Pride always leads to destruction (Proverbs 16:18).Billy Graham said it like this, When pride controls our lives, we end up thinking we are better than anyone else. Prideful people also have little love or compassion for others and are only interested in themselves. Most of all, a prideful person thinks they have little need for God, believing their way is always best. This is why pride is at the root of almost every other sin, because we think we can ignore God’s ways. No wonder the Bible says, ‘The Lord detests all the proud of heart’ (Proverbs 16:5).Pride is simply a sin Christians can no longer ignore! Although we tend to easily recognize pride in other people, we must also search our own hearts to see if we have allowed this sin to take residence in our lives. If left unchecked, we will find that our self-centered ways will begin to impact every area of our lives.With this said, here are 6 ways pride may be ruining your life.Photo Credit: © Unsplash