7 Ways to Cultivate Healthy Friendships

We were never meant to live life alone. In Genesis, God gives mankind the gift of companionship. However, making a choice to be a good friend is not always an easy task. Comparison, unforgiveness, lack of time, misunderstandings, and lack of desire can make having friendships feel more like a chore than an enjoyable experience. Yet, there are numerous Bible verses that speak to the need of togetherness beyond social media and occasional church gatherings.Instead, we are called to get counsel from one another (Proverbs 12:15), motivate each other to better lives (Proverbs 27:17), and bless each other with kind words (Proverbs 16:24). Although it would seem social media would help us to connect more, more and more people are increasingly isolated and in need of true companionship. Without true friendships, we open the door to loneliness, which has been seen to have the same affect on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day! Those who live life alone or more likely to suffer from raised blood pressure, anxiety, sleeplessness, and suicidal ideations. Whether we look at the biblical call for community or the health effects of being isolated, friendships matter. For Christians, having friends that draw you back to the truth of the Word and who encourage you is priceless! With this said, there are ways that we can have healthy friendships that can withstand time, various seasons of life, and even adversity.Here are seven ways you can cultivate healthy friendships in your life.Photo Credit: © Getty Images