Black Tiger Sex Machine Interview Q&A from Imagine Music Festival

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Credit: BTSM Facebook

OneEDM: How are you liking Imagine?

BTSM: We had been right here final yr. It’s superior.

OneEDM: You guys blew up during the last yr.

BTSM: The final couple of years we performed numerous nice reveals, nice festivals. As the months go by it looks like we now have increasingly more followers within the crowd. We’re extra of a gaggle that builds off of phrase of mouth and doing increasingly more reveals.

OneEDM: I heard you guys simply acquired out of Orlando.

BTSM: Yup, Thursday. It was Thursday.

OneEDM: We had been in Tampa, however we now have contacts in Orlando. We heard you guys murdered that!

BTSM: Thanks, that’s superior. It was a fantastic night time.

OneEDM: My query for you guys is: Most enjoyable venues or areas, like areas you guys have performed? Basically, what’s the very best place you like to play?

BTSM: We had been speaking about it earlier. Grand Rapids, Michigan was nice with Electric Forest. Grand Rapids, they’ve this one superior venue there, we’ve performed a number of instances. You know the Midwest, basically, is actually superior. Iowa, Omaha, and Des Moines. I gotta say right here, like down within the south like Florida, Georgia. We performed a pair festivals round right here as nicely. We performed Tomorrow World, Hangout Fest in Alabama. And yeah, coming from Orlando yesterday, like folks they social gathering! They social gathering onerous it’s superior, even for us.

OneEDM: Do you guys shift your set model if you go to completely different areas?

BTSM: No, we arrange numerous stuff behind each observe. We didn’t do it tonight as a result of the setup’s fairly good, however in Orlando we did it for the primary time. We sort of change our units primarily based on what we need to play. Like the night time earlier than, how did the group react to this? Right. Then the subsequent day we don’t suppose, “oh, the group would possibly react this fashion.” We simply suppose what are folks reacting to basically within the units we play. How ought to we perhaps tweak the units? Bring on this new tune. What tune to take out. It’s all the time evolving, and it’s all the time, you recognize, simply making an attempt to maintain folks transferring. But we gained’t be like, “oh, we’re taking part in this area, so we’ll change it this fashion.” We don’t do it that means. We do about 40 completely different units a yr. Sometimes it’s like one tune will change; typically it’s like half the set.

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Credit: BTSM Facebook

OneEDM: Are you guys staying [at Imagine] for the entire weekend?

BTSM: No, we’re going again residence tomorrow.

OneEDM: Did you see any good units, or verify something out?

BTSM: We had been simply at Gorgon City. It was very untraditional mix-type. Really good, like home music. It’s a move that’s completely different.

OneEDM: Do you guys ever carry out with out the helmets?

BTSM: A pair instances a yr we’ll do afterparties, or simply DJing with out the helmets. It’s a logistical problem; touring with them, placing them on, ensuring every part works alright, the system altering the lights.

OneEDM: Have you guys had any interactions with the opposite helmet DJs? Like Deadmau5?

BTSM: We’ve tweeted at him a pair instances. But we’ve by no means met in actual life. There was this time the place he roasted us, however not like hate stage. It was a superb roast, not the place he destroyed us. We had been like, “we’ll take the warmth on this one”. Then we made a joke and he adopted us, so yeah it was cool.

OneEDM: You have any large releases, upcoming tracks, or excursions?

BTSM: Next Wednesday, the primary single on the 2018 LP, it’s known as ‘Lions’. We performed it tonight and we performed it the final couple months. We’re excited to launch it.

BTSM Shares Tales from the Stage

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Credit: BTSM Facebook

OneEDM: What’s the craziest factor you’ve ever seen throughout a dwell present or at a competition?

BTSM: The craziest factor we’ve in all probability ever seen was once we performed this set at Wakarusa in Arkansas. It was 5 a.m. once we began. The stage was a really epic sort of setting. Kind of down a hill, within the forest, with the solar arising. It was stunning. It was a really wooded stage. It felt like a scene from Lord Of The Rings, numerous silhouettes and stuff. Then, abruptly everybody factors at this bare man in a tree. He’s swaying forwards and backwards on this tree and everyone seems to be like, “Oh my god!” “Oh my god!” We have our helmets on, it like “Oh my god,” is that this actually taking place? It was a safety danger so the stage supervisor acquired us to cease. It was just like the final set of the night time, so that they stopped us ten minutes early. Which was good, we had been about to dip out. It was the best dawn set ever. They had everybody depart the stage. They tried to get the man down. He lastly acquired down however then he began operating and simply booked it. Five safety guys are operating after him down the hill, in direction of the stage, which is just like the cleared off space. A man jumps via the air to attempt to sort out him, misses him, [and lands] right into a bunch of trash cans. It was like some slapstick stuff out of a film. It explodes. Then, he’s operating in direction of the facet of our stage the place it’s like a barricade, and behind it, it’s only a forest and a slope, and it stops at about top stage. And he’s operating, jumps, and clips the sting of it. And he begins bringing it down. The safety guard jumps after it they usually simply destroy the fence collectively, The man operating after him seems to be like a large receiver rugby participant. And we’re simply on the stage watching it occur. We simply took our helmets off. Then, afterward there are a bunch of individuals chanting, “Let him go!” It’s at 6 a.m. and there was a lot power.

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Credit: Guillermo Briceño

In Conclusion:

OneEDM: Anything else you need to discuss particularly?

BTSM: We’re on tour. Next week, we play in Vancouver. We’re doing Lost Lands, Excision’s competition in Columbus.

OneEDM: Who do I’ve to beg, borrow, or steal to get you into silent disco tonight?

BTSM: Well, we now have to drive again to the lodge so I don’t know. We like to do after events. We’ve completed like two silent discos. One time we walked into Gainesville in Florida and it was a silent disco with like 100-150 folks. They had 4 completely different DJs. It was the best after social gathering. We completed at like 2 o’clock. Our pal stated, “come right here, it will likely be enjoyable.” We go and it’s a large fireplace, bbq, a silent disco. We had been like, “actually it is a factor?”

OneEDM: You guys had been like underground legends, particularly in Florida. You guys have blown up down right here…Like legend standing.

BTSM: Thank you, good to listen to that. We work onerous on the label on what we do. We attempt to not compromise.

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