Chatfield Alliance starts year with relationship-building – CHSAA Now

Student leaders from Chatfield High School’s Alliance are making relationship-building a priority as they prepare for the upcoming school year.

The group gathered last week at La Foret Conference and Retreat Center for their annual leadership retreat with that singular goal in mind. Of course, they were planning for multiple events, but with their Homecoming Week scheduled for late October, the group decided to use this weekend to really grow the relationships of their group first and then focus on the multiple events they needed to plan for.

Student%20Leadership10In talking with Alliance leaders Kailey Frobose and Wilson Murphy it was clear that this group was looking forward to getting to know its fellow leaders. Frobose talked about how great it was to be back and how important it was to come back and connect. Wilson agreed, as he talked about the importance of building relationships as “the most important thing to do to start the year off right.”

While the need to build relationships was the focus of the group, they also recognized the need to start their retreat (as well as the school year) with goals. One of the activities that they felt would help the group is called “The Deep Talk.” The activity starts with individual goals and ends with each leader talking about a difficult time that has, or will, change their life.

Alliance members all talked about how excited they are to get back to in-person activities and to help their fellow students understand what it feels like to be at Chatfield. If you go to their website, you will see their mission statement: To serve our peers, our school, and our community by being proactive and dedicated student leaders.

In spending part of an afternoon with them, there is no doubt that they were preparing to serve their peers, school, and community. The work that these dedicated leaders were engaged in will have positive effects throughout the school year, impacting their entire campus community.

Shout out to the CHS Alliance and their adviser, Katie Goldner, for allowing me to spend some time with them. We wish this group, and all our Student Leadership groups, the very best as they plan for a year of campus activities and events. If your group would like to share what you are doing, send me an email (

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