Disney Star Admits to Rocky Relationship with Shia LaBeouf and His “Negative” Father – Inside the Magic – Inside the Magic

When we watch some of our favorite Disney Channel shows and movies, looking back, some character relationships worked so well together, even if the co-stars didn’t feel that way in real life.

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One of the shows that many Disney fans grew up watching was the Even Stevens, which lasted for three seasons beginning in 2000. The show featured Shia LaBeouf and Christy Carlson Romano, who played brother and sister duo, Ren and Louis.

The two had a great family dynamic in the show; however, it seems that some of the playful fighting that we saw on screen also transpired off-screen as well. In a recent YouTube video, Christy Carlson Romano admitted that she and Shia did not get along so well on set all of the time.

“Here’s some tea for you guys. Every set has some people that don’t get along. On my set, from time to time it was like, me and Shia, but I think there were other people that didn’t gel well as well.”

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And the negative comments did not stop there. It sounds like Christy was not a big fan of Shia’s father, who was often on set, as the actress stated that he was “a very negative presence amongst everybody”. Interestingly enough, Christy Carlson Romano has also danced around the idea of making a reboot of the show on her social platforms, so it seems that even if she and Shia did not have the best relationship, it clearly is not anything irreparable.

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Shia has also spoken out about his time on the show, stating how working for Disney at that age caused him lifelong trauma. That being said, that actor still continues to make it out to Disneyland from time to time. Now, Shia is running acting classes while still continuing to act and work on his own films.

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