Do you have sex more or less often than other people?

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Here at Slate, we usually consider that one of the simplest ways to place a nagging query to relaxation is to answer it as rigorously as attainable. It doesn’t matter how naïve, banal, or puerile the query is: In searching for the definitive reply, one frees the thoughts to ponder increased issues, just like the surface area of God or Melania Trump’s belts. To this finish, we as soon as built a tool to tell readers whether or not they had had a excessive or low variety of sexual companions relative to their friends. Today, we’re telling you whether or not you have sex more or less often than your friends.

The knowledge right here comes from the General Social Survey, a nationally consultant survey of Americans’ conduct and beliefs carried out each other yr, and spans from 2000 to 2014. It’s self-reported—no one is independently verifying how often the respondents canoodle. (For more particulars, hit the “Methodology” button on the interactive. You can obtain the information I used here.) You’ll discover a pair issues within the final two graphs: Older folks within the pattern report having sex less often and folks and not using a common sexual companion report having sex means less often.

These graphs summarize 14 years’ value of information, however patterns in sexual frequency have modified considerably in current many years. A study revealed in January within the Archives of Sexual Behavior got here to the conclusion that adults have been having sex about 9 fewer instances per yr within the 2010s than they have been within the Nineties. The impact was uneven throughout generations: When the researchers managed for age, they discovered that Americans born within the Nineteen Thirties have been having sex more often—once more, managed for age—than Americans born within the Nineties. The general decline, they write, “seems to be rooted in twin developments: Americans with regular companions are each fewer in quantity and have sex less often.”

Don’t despair if you have sex more or less often than your friends. It doesn’t matter, and issues may change. You may stumble into real love; you may stumble into true sex. As the Bible says, “he that increaseth data increaseth sorrow.” Maybe higher to not know, in spite of everything.

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