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  • My boyfriend says he’s no ‘intercourse machine’

Q. Doc, may you give me good recommendation about my boyfriend? We are each 21, and I really like him very a lot and he says he loves me. We have been having intercourse for round a yr. It is at all times nice. But there are some nights after I badly need to have intercourse, and he tells me he’s too drained. He says he’s not a machine.

I am unable to perceive this, Doc. I simply want we may do it each night time, as a result of I really like him a lot. What I’m starting to assume is that possibly he has another lady someplace. He works at an workplace in Spanish Town all day, from 9 until round six, so it might be straightforward for him to slide out and meet another younger girl.  What do you assume, Doc? Is he dishonest on me? And are there any methods through which I may inform whether or not he has been enjoying round?

A. To be sincere, I’ve numerous sympathy for this younger man. Sounds like he’s working laborious at a job which occupies him from 9 until six every day. Maybe there’s additionally some travelling time to and from work. So he has each cause to be drained.

But when he will get residence at night time, you need him to have intercourse with you. Indeed, you would like him to do it each night time. That can be fairly uncommon, even in a younger man of 21.

Honestly, I do assume you might be asking just a little a lot of him right here. People who work lengthy hours do get drained. And when a man is drained, it may be fairly tough for him to lift an erection. Remember {that a} girl doesn’t have the issue of getting to get erect – so she will be able to have intercourse at any time. But a person does have to provide a stiff organ if he’s going make love!

So I don’t really feel that this poor younger fellow is ‘enjoying away’. I very a lot doubt if he has the power to slide out of the workplace in the course of the day, to be able to go to mattress with another girl!

Now, it could be that you’re a little extra extremely-sexed than your boyfriend is. If that’s true, it may trigger some lengthy-time period issues in your relationship.

But for the second, I feel that you just simply must be just a little extra understanding with him. Please settle for that there can be some evenings when he simply doesn’t have sufficient power to penetrate you. If you might be actually determined on these events, why not ask him to simply have interaction in petting with you. That shouldn’t be too tiring for him.

Finally, you ask whether or not there’s any method through which you may detect that he has been with one other lady. Really, there is not. But clearly, if you happen to discovered lipstick on his shirt, or suspicious stains on his pants, that will be one other matter.

Q. I’m a man of 18 and I’m very apprehensive about my foreskin. Whenever time I move urine, it form of balloons out, Doc. This has been so all my life. Until not too long ago, I didn’t realise that different males aren’t like me. I used to be astonished after I noticed some guys in a rest room, and noticed that they produced highly effective streams. I don’t.  What is incorrect with me, Doctor? P.S. I’ve not had intercourse but.

A. Well, for the time being, I feel you would possibly discover it just a little tough to have intercourse, since you clearly have a situation known as phimosis. This signifies that your foreskin is way too tight, so that there’s solely just a little gap on the finish of it. That is why it balloons out whenever you attempt to urinate.

It is nearly sure that you could take just a little operation, both to loosen the foreskin or to take away it altogether (which is circumcision). You should see a surgeon-specialist as quickly as attainable.

Q. I’m a 19-yr-previous feminine dwelling close to May Pen. I’ve been speaking to a man for 3 months now, and I’m deeply in love with him. For some cause, I appear to be the one who’s combating for this relationship to work. He is jealous and insecure. He would not belief me, and he will get upset at nearly the whole lot. After we’ve got a bust-up, we do speak issues over after which get again to regular. But I really feel like he would not care about my emotions. So, although I really like him, it looks as if I get loopy!  What’s your suggestion, Doc?

A.  Love is meant to be pleasant and joyous. It is meant to be one thing that happens between two individuals who respect and adore one another, and who hit it off collectively in order that they’re joyful in one another’s firm.

That is clearly not what is occurring right here! You two appear to be having numerous bother collectively, and I’m uncertain if counselling or any type of medical intervention would assist.

In quick, I feel you need to put together your self for the truth that your relationship with this man could not work out. Although you in all probability do not need to hear what I’m about to say, the reality is that there are hundreds of thousands of different younger males on the planet. And a lot of them would make higher companions for you than this man does.

Q. I’m 16 and feminine. Doc, I have never seen my menses but. Every month my stomach swells up, and I get ache. But no blood arrives. Why is that this, please?

A. I strongly suspect that you’ve got a situation known as imperforate hymen. You are in all probability conscious that each one women have a skinny membrane within the vagina known as the hymen, also called the virgin’s veil. This will get damaged when the feminine first has intercourse.

Normally, it ought to have a small gap in it, to let the menses come by. But in a number of teenage women, there’s no gap, and so the interval simply will get ‘dammed up’ behind the hymen every month.

Please see a physician. She will look at you, and take a look at the hymen. If there’s certainly no hole in it, it will likely be straightforward for a medic to chop by the membrane, and thus remedy you.

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