Greg Locke says he’s being threatened with death, hexes, sex toys

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Pastor Greg Locke |

Pastor Greg Locke, who exposed the presence of suspected witches at his church in current weeks, says he’s being threatened with demise, hexes, sex toys and glitter bombs for preaching about deliverance from evil.

Locke, the chief of the Global Vision Bible Church in Tennessee, has been preaching about deliverance at his church for the final two months. On Sunday, he referred to his newest collection as essentially the most “harmful message” he’s ever preached.

“The most harmful message I’ve ever preached is the message of deliverance within the title of Jesus Christ. It’s induced extra anger; it’s induced extra pushback, it’s induced extra threats, extra evil, it stirred up extra issues,” he stated. “It’s performed extra to harm folks in our church — that means that family and friends have forsaken them.”

In a video message to his greater than 2 million followers on Facebook Friday, Locke known as the opposition to his deliverance message “unbelievable.”

“It’s actually been unbelievable. I haven’t even checked the mail but at present, however you may ask anyone on our workers or those that volunteer right here with us in deliverance ministry on the workplace. It is continuous,” he defined.

“We get lots of and lots of, many instances hundreds, of cellphone calls each week. The voicemail will solely maintain 40 voicemails at a time. We will be on the cellphone and the voicemails will replenish about each two hours, and so a lot of them are like non-callback numbers, personal numbers, folks calling us and fussing,” he continued.

Locke revealed one man just lately “promised to come back to the tent and slice my throat and to kill me,” whereas others have despatched sex toys and glitter bombs within the mail.

“Everybody is mad in regards to the factor I stated about calling out witches,” he stated. “They are actual. They know they’re actual. They’re not hiding the truth that they’re actual. It’s simply that the Church is just too unbiblical and ignorant to acknowledge witchcraft, sorcery and spells and curses once they see them. We actually received a field the opposite day that stated it was from my mother that was stuffed with all sort of crystals and hexes and vexes and curses.”

Locke added that the Church of Satan sends him postcards day by day, and a few detractors have been attempting to get him banned from his favourite Dunkin’ Donuts espresso store.

The Tennessee pastor’s ongoing campaign to advertise deliverance in American church buildings started producing national headlines after he stated a demon informed him the names of six witches in his congregation throughout a deliverance session at his church.

He insisted that whereas a lot of his critics have been attempting to make him look loopy for pushing his deliverance message, he’s assured that the Bible helps it.

During his sermon on Sunday, Locke stated he is been studying the e book of Psalms within the Bible to encourage himself.

“How many instances within the 150 chapters of the e book of Psalms, David or one of many Old Testament writers …. wrote in regards to the topic of deliverance? You must do a Blue Letter Bible examine someday of what number of instances the phrase ‘ship’ and ‘deliverance’ [are] even used within the e book of Psalms. It’s uncanny,” he stated.

Locke stated he started to note lots of the headings to the Psalms embrace the phrase “deliverance.”

“As I learn by means of the Psalms, I’m amazed … at how a lot deliverance is talked about within the Bible and extra shocked at how little preachers have stated something about it for many years,” he added.

“It’s nearly prefer it’s been hidden below a rock for thus a few years. Then rapidly, we begin peeling issues again and making the invisible Kingdom seen, and the satan will get so stirred up after we carry nationwide, international consideration he would assume keep a secret.”

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