Hall & Oates’ John Oates Had Sex With Thousands of Women

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Photo: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Oh, here he comes! Pretty actually. Watch out, woman. Wear safety. John Oates, of Hall & Oates and mustache fame, fondly recalled to the New York Post in a brand new interview that he had a legendary intercourse streak in the course of the band’s heyday, culminating in a quantity of mattress friends that he nonetheless can’t completely recall. “I’m certain it was 1000’s, I’ve misplaced monitor,” he admitted. “If you didn’t dwell by the ’70s and ’80s, when you weren’t a rockstar throughout that point, there’s no manner you’ll be able to comprehend what it was like. There have been no cell telephones and other people taking footage of every little thing you probably did. There was no social media.” Oates additionally insisted that these dalliances have been “way more harmless” than we’d anticipate, thanks, partly, to his tour schedule serving to make these horny dreams come true. “I used to fulfill women in numerous cities and kind of have a relationship,” he added. “I would see them after which see them six months later.” Sown wild oats, certainly.

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