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We are at a very dangerous place in our nation’s history. A very large, loud minority wants to be your doctor, and want to decide for you what it means to be safe. But this land, built on the backs of rugged, fiercely independent, critical-thinking Americans would have rejected that.

We now live in a time where the FDA and the CDC, and the No. 1 highest-paid health official in America (Dr. Fauci), cannot be trusted because of their own actions and public contradictions. We live in a time when politicians think their role is to tell you how to be safe. If we are going to survive this long national nightmare, critical thinking and health freedom must be resurrected immediately.

Critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. It’s nearly extinct in this debate.

My definition of health freedom is “no school board member, no mayor, no unelected health official, no governor or other woke politician should decide for you what is the best way to protect your health.” Give us the facts, allow us to deploy critical thinking skills and decide for ourselves. The silencing of any critic of the vaccine, COVID therapies, or of masks, should be criminal. Informed opinions should be welcomed in this debate.

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What are they all afraid of? Why can’t they trust people to look at the real, factual data and decide for themselves? Example: Dr. Michael LeBeau, incoming chief administrative officer for Sanford Health, told us this week that 90% of their hospitalizations were not vaccinated, and 98% of those who died weren’t vaccinated. However, the latest data also tells us 1% of those that get COVID die from the virus

Many in the medical community are telling you that vaccines are your best chance of not getting COVID. Fine. That’s advice you can consider. But they also should be saying three in 1,000 have a significant reaction to the vaccine. You need to consider that, as well. While it’s a low number, it’s a number, and the stories are real. But COVID therapies have worked for many — they should be offered as well.

We must stop living in fear. If you are afraid to die from COVID, the vaccine, or anything that could take your life, the root of that problem has nothing to do with these facts. Plain and simple: we are all going to die, we don’t know the hour or the day. To live in fear, to practice safeism, is un-Godly. Be not afraid, it comes right from the good book.

Get the facts, decide for yourself, stop the vax and mask shaming. This is America. Health freedom and critical thinking should be deployed everywhere immediately to stop this insanity.

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