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Novant Health Reminds Community To Mask Test And Vaccinate To Reduce The Spread Of Covid 19 Wect
Novant Health Reminds Community To Mask Test And Vaccinate To Reduce The Spread Of Covid 19 Wect

SOUTHEASTERN, NORTH CAROLINA (WECT) – In response to an increase in the number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, Novant Health has issued a reminder to the community of the resources available to them.

Novant Health has seen a nearly 1,600% increase in COVID-19 hospitalizations in the last six weeks with more than 91% of hospitalized patients not being vaccinated. This is putting strain on the emergency department, which has also seen a higher than usual volume of patients seeking care for other health concerns.

To help relieve this situation and slow the spread, Novant reminds the community of the following available resources:


Because the delta variant of COVID-19 is much more contagious that the original strain, unvaccinated people and students are urged to wear masks in public and in classrooms.

Vaccinated individuals are encouraged to follow updated CDC guidelines to help prevent further spread of the variant.


COVID-19 tests are readily available to the public at local retail drugstores and Medac Urgent Cares, and to existing patients at primary care offices and pediatric clinics. Click here for available sites.

Health officials urge the community not to visit the emergency department for COVID-19 tests.


COVID-19 vaccines are widely available to anyone age 12 and older. You can search for vaccination sites here. People should discuss any vaccine concerns with their primary health care providers and seek accurate answers to their vaccine questions.

Vaccinations are available at nearly 100 Novant Health clinics. You can find more information here and book an appointment here.

Novant Health offers third dose “booster” vaccinations to immunocompromised patients at both physician clinics and vaccination sites.

Antibody Treatment

Monoclonal antibody treatment is available under emergency use authorization to COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms. Visit your primary care physician to determine your eligibility.

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