Nurse Fired for Bringing Sex Toys to Work, Pre-Signing Prescription Forms – The Daily Beast

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The Convenient Care Clinic in Dyersburg, Tennessee has shuttered after one of its nurses was accused of misconduct and had her license suspended. According to WKRN, the Tennessee Board of Nursing found that Kelly McCallum left pre-signed prescriptions for her staff six times last year, a practice that prompted her collaborating physician to quit. Staff also reported that McCallum acted erratically at work, banging on clinic walls for so long that her knuckles bled, ripping a door off of its hinges, and bringing sex toys to work.

McCallum, who has not been charged with a crime, allegedly told staff she was having a relationship with a patient, for whom she bought an $8,000 car on the clinic’s dime. Staff were also reportedly told to give the man a $500 weekly allowance. McCallum’s lawyer said, “We disagree with the board’s summary action and we believe the board acted hastily and considered irrelevant material in reaching its summary decision.” Former patients also defended her to WREG Memphis.

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