Pillow talk sex column: temperature play

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By Carrie Brizshaw, sex columnist

Baby, it’s chilly outdoors…and inside too! Temperature play is while you use sizzling or chilly gadgets to trigger (spine-tingling) bodily sensations.

If you’ve gotten watched Fifty Shades of Grey, you can be aware of ‘the ice scene’. The main man, Christian Grey, grabs a few ice cubes and holds them in his mouth as he goes down on Anastasia Steele. Like on this scene, a blindfold is usually added to extend bodily sensations. Ice cubes are one of many extra frequent temperature play strategies. Hold ice cubes in your mouth to shock your associate as you pleasure them. This may even convey an added stage of pleasure to easily making out. There are a number of extra temperature play strategies you possibly can attempt:

Put your sex toys within the freezer:

Freezing your sex toys can convey an attention-grabbing new aspect to the bed room. Just be sure you solely use your waterproof toys. Toys product of metal, glass and crystal are significantly good for freezing.

Ice, ice child:

While you’re within the freezer fetching your ice cubes or sex toys, seize some whipped cream from the fridge! The chilly sensations from squirty cream additionally rely as temperature play. Cool down your palms by holding onto ice or an ice pack earlier than giving a blow job or every other hand-related exercise. Other meals can be added, similar to frozen fruit or heat chocolate syrup.

Get sizzling AF:

Sweat is a standard a part of sex and might be very, highly regarded. Pull the covers and blankets over each your heads and embrace the humidity. The sweatier the higher. The depth of the second and intimacy will each really feel heightened, plus the sweat provides a pure lubrication.

Warming therapeutic massage oil up in your palms | Lovehoney Shunga Vanilla Massage Oil Desire 240ml – £24.99 

Erotic Massage:

Warming massage oil up in your palms is a refined solution to convey hotter temperatures to sex. Rub the oil between your palms to warmth it up earlier than making use of it to your associate. Remember that not all oils can be utilized as lube (though many can, simply watch out of oil-based lube and condoms). Opt for a therapeutic massage oil that has tingling results for elevated sensitivity and arousal.

Candle Wax:

Ever watched the Wolf of Wall Street? You’ll be calling out ‘Venice!’ in your sleep quickly sufficient. This is taking temperature play into BDSM territory. Rather than simply stimulating via sudden temperatures, that is introducing a minor ache aspect. I don’t suggest simply grabbing your nearest candle, discover one which burns at low temperatures.

Candle 2
There are even candles that soften into therapeutic massage oil | Lovehoney Mojo Pro Original Desire Pheromone Soy Massage Candle 75g – £9.99

There are even candles that melt into massage oil. Start by dripping from fairly a top, the additional away you drip the cooler the wax will probably be when it meets the pores and skin. Test the wax first on much less delicate areas, such because the again and butt cheeks.

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Fire Play:

Hello, Prince Zuko. This one is for extra skilled BDSM gamers. Using a lighter, gently stroke the flame alongside your associate’s pores and skin. This shouldn’t harm, but it surely actually elevates pleasure and will get blood pumping. Make certain you don’t press the steel of the lighter to the pores and skin. You can improve the depth as desired.  The purpose is to not burn however to create fast, brief bursts of warmth. Please carry out with excessive care.

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