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Throughout the spring, the Stream Health Initiative Work Group, comprised of rural and urban residents, farmers, forest owners, conservation professionals, business owners, and County staff developed strategies to improve stream health in the county. The strategies are grouped into three categories: Regulations, Incentives & Voluntary Opportunities, and Monitoring, Education, & Partnerships.

We’d love to know which strategies you feel will be most effective at responding to the challenge of improving stream health. Strategies and proposals will be evaluated by criteria that include effectiveness at improving stream health, impacts to the community, cost, staff time, and legal considerations. Please participate to share your thoughts! 

Review the Proposed Strategies and complete the Develop Questionnaire
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Project Overview

In 2017, the Albemarle Board of Supervisors directed County staff to develop strategies for improving stream health in the county; this project is referred to as the Stream Health Initiative.

Phase I (2018-present) focused on development-related issues and strategies for improving stream health and resulted in the development of thirteen specific proposals. Work on a subset of these proposals is ongoing; others are phased due to staff resource needs and continues in parallel with Phase II.

Phase II of the project has a Rural Area focus. The goal of Phase II is to develop strategies for improving stream health that are supported by the communities, landowners, and organizations that live and work in the Rural Area, using a collaborative and inclusive process. Phase II project updates were provided to the Board on November 18, 2020, and April 7, 2021.

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