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Summit To Highlight Importance Of Behavioral Health Local News Newspressnow Com News Press Now
Summit To Highlight Importance Of Behavioral Health Local News Newspressnow Com News Press Now

Mosaic Life Care will be hosting a day-long educational summit for behavioral health Wednesday, Sept. 1.

The summit, to be held at emPowerU, is designed to educate kids on behavioral health and the importance of it, especially after the pandemic. The event will feature behavioral health professionals from Mosaic Life Care, the Mayo Clinic and Northwest Missouri State University.

“I think that behavioral health, in general, has always had a stigma associated with it, and you know people are afraid to speak up, afraid to address and ask those hard questions,” said Adriana Nabors, Mosaic Life Care vice president of operations.

Nabors said that behavioral health is important to address before it becomes a crisis. Mosaic has 24 rooms designated for inpatient behavioral health care. Patients usually are transferred there after initially going to the emergency room.

“If they’re a pediatric patient, we struggle because those beds across the state are shrinking all the time,” Nabors said. “We’ve seen a lot of places close, so for those, we have to partner with facilities that inpatient psychiatric care for pediatrics some times as long as four hours away.”

Mosaic also has a child psychiatric clinic that can do outpatient care at the hospital. The pandemic highlighted the need for people to better understand their mental and behavioral health.

“We saw a dramatic rise in suicide, and families are facing adversity, so we have seen a huge impact in the volume of even adults seeking services,” Nabors said. “In terms of logistics in our care and in the emergency room, we are doing all of the screening for COVID and were potentially testing or segregating patients that might have COVID with those who aren’t so that just adds a layer of complexity.”

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