The Better Skin Co. debuts ‘Porefekter’ in October – FOX10 News

The Better Skin Co Debuts Porefekter In October Fox10 News

The Better Skin Co. is excited to announce a new product. ‘Porefekter’ helps refine, rejuvenate and smooth out your skin. 100% of the proceeds will go to a cause that supports those who have battled and are battling breast cancer. 

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From working behind the Estee Lauder makeup counter to owning his own company helping brands bring their beauty products to market, to finally creating his very own Skincare Brand, Murphy D. Bishop believes that understanding your customer and simplifying skincare, is what they really want. Better Skin products are filled with love, history, beautiful ingredients, a bit of science, and a good measure of great karma. The Better Skin Co. works hard to bring effective, multi-purpose, beautiful products to market so that everyone can radiate their best skin ever. Why have good skin when you can have Better Skin with The Better Skin Co.

The Better Skin Co.

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