To protect our kids from indecency and sexual radicalization, the book ban must go further


It is to my nice aid that Canyons and Davis School Districts have begun eradicating sexually express books from their faculties’ libraries. These books are a blight on wholesome growth of our youth. My solely grievance is that the ban doesn’t go practically far sufficient to protect kids from indecency and sexual radicalization.

In reality, there’s one book on the cabinets of public college libraries throughout the nation so obscene that respectable American mother and father can not abdomen it any longer. This book incorporates depictions of intercourse so gratuitous and detailed that none are protected from its obscene attain. It has unfold with missionary fervor, and its advocates promote the book to even the youngest amongst us. (Not content material to restrict their viewers to those that can learn, its advocates have shamelessly taken to studying the textual content aloud to youngsters!)

What is the title of this book, you ask? This warped textual content known as “The Holy Bible,” and its naughty creativeness is aware of no bounds.

If different folks need their kids to learn lust-drenched passages about “lovers whose members had been like these of donkeys, and whose challenge was like these of horses,” (Ezekiel 23:18-21), extra energy to them! Just as long as they maintain the titillating content material the place it belongs: at church, or maybe in household dwelling night. (After all, we all know from expertise that teenagers are most snug speaking about the intimate particulars of intercourse with their mother and father, or higher but, preachers.)

But the X-rated scenes don’t cease there. The Bible incorporates scenes of incest and pre-meditated date rape (Genesis 19:5); voyeurism and adultery (2 Samuel 11); the perverted use of spiritual icons as intercourse toys (Ezekiel 16:17); prolonged descriptions of ladies’s breasts as playthings (Proverbs 5:19; Song of Solomon 1:13; et al.); genital mutilation (Exodus 4:25) and extra. In one egregious episode, the Bible even falsely threatens that not even abstinence will protect teenagers from undesirable being pregnant. From nonconsensual intercourse with Angels to Immaculate Conception, the lasciviousness goes on for a whole bunch of pages, every episode extra provocative and “kinky” than the final.

Some would say that the Holy Bible has ethical and historic significance that outweighs its lewdness, or that we now have to respect the beliefs of the sexual deviants who market it. Others say that it incorporates incomparable “poetic worth” and has “divine origins,” in order that we now have to contemplate the seminal textual content as an entire, not simply its extra questionable components.

But these are, in fact, simply excuses to smuggle nakedly salacious content material into our youngsters’s harmless minds. I actually concern we’re coming into a world the place our teenagers flip away from their wholesome TikTok, SnapChat, and Instagram habits, solely to scour the darkly-lit corners of public college libraries, looking for out the pornographic promise of the printed phrase.

Surely we are able to all agree: If we’re critical about defending kids from the excesses of our sex-obsessed tradition and conserving these libraries as empty as attainable — and I actually consider that we’re — then we now have to ban the Bible too. Anything much less is sheer hypocrisy.

McKay Holland, West Jordan

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