Will Potter & Philip Bond’s Geezer, The Britpop Band That Never Was

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Will Potter was within the band Cud, that had a couple of hit singles and slipped between the waves of Madchester and Britpop within the early nineties. Philip Bond was one of many many proficient cartoonists on Deadline Magazine, which advised tales of music and comics in that interim second. And now, collectively, they’ve a brand new challenge, Geezer. The Britpop band thet by no means was, that you’ve forgotten about, that sat alongside Blur, Pulp, Oasis, Suede, Elastica in addition to the sooner Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine, Shed Seven and the Mock Turtles. Taking takes from Will Potter’s personal experiences fictionalised for the needs of Geezer, which infused with the spirit of the age captured by Philip Bond, then and now.

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I have no idea if as excellent a comic book guide has ever been made for me as this one. At Harrogate’s Thought Bubble, Will Potter has just a few teasing posters and panels – the plan will be to Kickstart the project in a couple of weeks. I’ve already pledged to offer each penny I’ve to creating this a actuality. There will probably be posters, CD covers, music, tickets, all the things created for Geezer as if it was an actual Britpop band – which in fact it was, have you ever actually forgotten them? As nicely as some rivals, such because the band Clobber – who might bear a hanging resemblance to Menswear.

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As the web site (where you can register interest) says:

London Town, 1994. Martin Bland was in the correct place within the flawed trousers, pouting in polyester when Suede had been all the craze, sipping shandies as Oasis rattled Blur at Camden’s Good Mixer, touring the States with rival band Clobber, sexing up The Word, and hobnobbing with Tony Blair at Number 10. You will need to have blinked and missed him! Colliding with the well-known, or face down on the pavement, wannabe Britpop star Bland and Geezer, his loyal band of underachievers, battle in opposition to the chances on this comic-book story of the also-ran. Geezer parallels the ups and downs of the early ’90s British music scene, dips into actual occasions with pathos and playfulness. Written by William Potter, who has these credit, and is drawn by Philip Bond, who has credit too. Will and Phil’s collaborations date again to the early 90s. Overseeing this combo is Off Register Press’s personal resident editor, Shelly Bond. Follow the missteps of Martin Bland as he embarks on a make-or-break mission to grow to be a cheeky-chap chart topper and magnificence icon. If solely he had the breaks, the expertise, the cheekbones…

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